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    Established in 2018 by Sophia Athineou, IMA Mykonos designs handmade ready-towear pieces that are a must for every woman’s closet. Her studies in interior and fashion design combined with her love for fashion brought IMA into life.

    For Sophia, inspiration originates from everything around her. The most influential elements arise from the nature and its physical elements, while travelling around the globe plays a very important role as well, as she keeps exploring through different cultures and textiles.

    IMA was born in Mykonos, the island of wind, a sacred place where harmony, inspiration and freedom coexist. It was created out of passion to conceptualize a spiritual lifestyle that respects our nature.

    Each piece created is specially designed for free spirited people who love the air of elegance and ease in life.

    All items are made in Greece, out of carefully selected, refined materials, with every piece being ended up being a unique artifact of limited number. We are passionate supporters of ethical and sustainable fashion, and we always strive to design and create top quality clothes that follow these principles.

    Spelled as “a-i-m-a” or άημα in ancient greek, this spiritual brand stands for air. The air we breathe, the wind that blows, the air exhaled. It means to blow and to breathe.


    Release your soul under the Greek sun and feel your senses. Deep as the sea, wild as the rocks, warm as the sand, free as the wind. Walk barefoot and feel the vibe of this gentle breeze that blows around you. So soft on your skin, like the touch of a delicate garment. By wearing this item, you carry this heartfelt confession wherever you go.

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